Tourmilated Quartz Gemstone Mushroom ~ Handcarved

Tourmilated Quartz Gemstone Mushroom ~ Handcarved

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Size: Height ~ 4in, Width ~ 2.75in

Each piece unique and one of a kind!

Tourmalinated Quartz has the combined properties and unique energy vibrations of both Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline. Clear Quartz amplifies vibratory energies and intentions. Black Tourmaline's cleansing and grounding influence keeps the Quartz Crystal clear of any negativity.

Associated with nature and the beauty of the forest, mushrooms are considered a good-luck symbol. Finding a mushroom is considered to be very lucky and mean good fortune is at hand. In Germany mushroom ornaments are displayed on Christmas trees in reverence for nature and in hope of good luck in the New Year.