Shiva Eye Shell

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Beloved since Victorian times, the Cat’s Eye Shell is a timeless talisman across cultures. Revered for its metaphysical properties of luck, prosperity, protection, and uncrossing, the Pacific Cat Eye Shell was often turned into jewelry, carried in mojo or medicine bags, and loved as an accessible protective touchstone. It represents evolution and expansion, while finding stability in the spiritual self.

The Cat’s Eye is actually a sea snail called a Turban or Tubo, and the shell you see here is the cast-off protective armor of their shell’s opening. These pieces listed have been polished on both sides to reveal the back’s “Eye of Shiva” or “Shiva Eye” – the protective creamy white swirl on the flat side of the shell. The Eye of Shiva represents guardianship, positive energy, and self development. This stone also goes by the names of “Mermaid’s Money” and “Eye of Santa Lucia” in Italy.

This particular parcel has the dreamiest, sweetest pastel colors on the top, with swirls of cream and pink, tiny polka dots of beige, and even hints of sky blue! The flat Shiva sides are entirely white, with a single, gentle spiral on each piece. The photos don’t do these sweet stones any justice!

Size: 1.5-2in approximately

Each piece is unique and one of a kind!

Price is for 1 shell