Raku Medallion Magnet ~ Assorted Designs

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Raku Medallion Magnet 

Each handcrafted piece of Raku Art is fired in an outdoor kiln and left to smolder in a pit with wood shavings. Not every piece survives their trial by fire, but the ones that do, cultivate strength & beauty. Made by hand with love by Raku Pottery Works.

Each Medallion Magnet has an inspirational declaration on the flip side: Choose the one that speaks to you..

Available Designs:
-Dragonfly 'I am joyful'
-Buffalo 'I am solid'
-Hummingbird 'I am present'
-Raven 'I am fearless'
-Horse 'I am powerful'
-Angel 'I am blessed'
-Sea Turtle 'I am serene'
-Kokopelli 'I am bountiful'
-Om Lotus 'I am harmony'
-Hand 'I am abundant health'
-Sun 'I shine bright'
-Sacred Heart 'I am loved'
-Wolf 'I am passionate'
-Om 'I am serene'

Pottery Colors will vary due to glazes and the firing process. Each piece of art is truly one of a kind!

Size: Approximately: 1"- 2"