Moldavite Raw Specimen ~ Assorted Sizes ~ BACK IN STOCK!

Moldavite Raw Specimen ~ Assorted Sizes ~ BACK IN STOCK!

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Moldavite is very popular for crystal healing as a catalyst for spiritual awakening, evolution, and transformation. It is a stone that some people have a quite dramatic response to.

It can be used to enhance lucid dreaming, increase psychic abilities, align & clear your chakras. But most of all, by asking for Moldavite’s help, you can kick-start a transformation to release any blocks you may have to living your true purpose. Expect synchronicities, breakthroughs, and flashes of insight that propel you forward on your quest to live an authentic life

Moldavite is a tektite, which is a glass that forms from the force and heat of a meteorite hitting the Earth. Moldavite is a distinctive green colored tektite that formed around a crater in the Czech Republic almost 15 million years ago. It has a wrinkly or fern-like pattern on its surface, and since it is only found in one place on Earth it is more expensive than other forms of tektite. However, a small piece can still be quite powerful.

Available Sizes:
-2.2-2.9gr ~ $29.95
-1.8-2.1gr ~ $24.95
-1.4-1.7gr ~ $21.95
-.8-1.3gr ~ $16.95
-.7-.7gr ~ $14.95

Each piece is unique and one of a kind!*

Price is for 1 Stone

*Stone may vary slightly from image