Gemstone Roller Bottle ~ Assorted Gemstones Available

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These gemstone roller bottles are so much fun!  Each bottle contains a real gemstone roller ball and gemstone chips.  Add a little bit of flair to your own essential oil blends with these rollers.

  • Clear glass 10ml Gemstone Roller bottle
  • Available Gemstones to choose from black tourmaline, tigers eye , rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, fluorite, and clear quartz.
  • Each bottle is half-filled with gemstones (so you have room to add oil) and comes with a matching genuine gemstone roller ball
  • Gold lid
  • Ideal for blending your own essential oils and you can use them over and over
  • Price is for 1 gemstone roller bottle

Tigers Eye: Focus & Stability

Aventurine: Good Luck & Wealth

Rose Quartz: Compassion & Love

Fluorite: Intuition & Balance

Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom & Insight

Amethyst: Peace of Mind

Sodalite: Acceptance & Confidence

Black Tourmaline: Grounding & Protective

Clear Quartz: Master Healer