Cotton & Lace Hip Pack Utility Belt ~ Assorted Colors

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Meet the cool fanny pack. The material is soft, durable, and light, giving you long lasting use and comfort. The adjustable strap with padding allows you to find the perfect fit for all day wear. Two pixie-style pockets and a back zipper pocket stylishly store all your belonging on your hip. Grab a pack that fits your style and spend more time exploring.

Available in Khaki or Brown

  •  Construction: 100% Cotton
  •  Waist Size:37-45 inches | Pocket size:6" H X 7.5 "W
  •  Big pocket size:6" H X 7.5 "W | Small pocket size:5" H X 6 "W
  •  Additional pocket with zippper size in back : 11" H X 6"W
  •  Entry: Flap with button and zipper