Tales Of India Incense ~ Assorted Scents

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This high quality Hari Darsham masala incense is hand rolled and ethically produced with no child labor whatsoever. And that makes it happy incense, a choice of gorgeous aromas made by people who burn incense more or less every day of their lives, as part of their culture. It's perfect for giving your home an exotic feel, ideal for masking cooking smells, and a great little gift for someone you love. Bring the magical scents of exotic India into your home and chill....

Available Scents To Choose From:

Maharani dream: A rich blend of tropical floral dominated by sublime tuberose and subtle jasmine.

Mystic Temple: A sharp and invigorating mix of burning camphor, marigold and rose, leaving a warm rich and woody scent of sandalwood behind.

Monsoon Magic: The lingering fresh scent of the moist earth with mossy middle notes and green leaf top notes. 

Masala Chai: Warm, exotic, spicy tones of cinnamon, clove ginger and cardamom. 


Each pack contains 15 g of incense sticks. 

Made In India